Welcome to The Pink Popsicle! I specialize in monogramming, embroidery, and applique. I can add a name, design, or monogram to your own item AND I also offer custom-made items and clothing. I am constantly buying more designs so check back often to see my latest arrivals. I also have many designs not shown here, so if want something in particular- please let me know- I might already have it or will be happy to get it for you!

I believe in offering a quality product for a reasonable price. I try to keep my turnaround time short too- most items will be completed within a week. I except payment upon completion by either check or cash.

Please call (318-965-3180) or e-mail (hcdoyal@yahoo.com) me so I can work with you!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Choo- choo!

Choo- choo! This cute little train is coming for you! It looks perfect on a burp cloth, onesie, or even on a baby bag. I can do the train cars in the same fabric or different fabric (shown below). I could also do your child's initials on the train cars.

Plain white burp cloth- $10
Burp cloth with fabric- $12
Onesie- $10
Add this applique to your own item- $8

Pretty Purse

This little purse is so cute and girly! It can be done with an embroidered (thread sewn) handle or a ribbon handle like the one below. This child's shirt (in the color and size of your choice) sells for $18.

Football Team Burp Cloth

As a die hard Louisiana Tech fan, it pains me to make LSU stuff- but I'm all about customer satisfaction!!! This burp cloth can be done with the mascot name and official colors of your favorite team. I hope to be doing some more Baby Bulldawgs soon! I use Gerber 100% cotton Premium 6-ply Cloth Diapers to make my burp cloths. These are not the flimsy, gauzy ones- these are the GOOD, THICK burp cloths!!! (Please note- this photo shows the thin cloth, but I don't use those anymore). This burp cloth would be $10.

I could also do this design on a onesie for $10. I use Gerber cotton knit onesies in size 3-6 months (unless you prefer another size).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Burp Cloths

Personalized burp cloths are a great baby shower gift! Let's face it- if you're going to use TONS of them, they might as well be cute!
I use Gerber 100% cotton Premium 6-ply Cloth Diapers to make my burp cloths. These are not the flimsy, gauzy ones- these are the GOOD, THICK burp cloths!!! (Please note- some photos show the thin cloths, but I don't use those anymore).

I can do any design shown on my website on the burp cloths- these are just some examples. Just let me know what you want!

Plain white burp cloth- $10
Burp Cloth with Fabirc (fabric can be sewn vertically up the center of the cloth or horizontally at the bottom of the cloth)- $12
Combine a burp cloth with a onesie for the "Newborn Gift Set"- $20

Beautiful Butterfly

This cute little butterfly looks great on a shirt or burp cloth (shown below).

Plain burp cloth- $10
Burp cloth with fabric- $12
Child's shirt (your choice of size and color)- $20

Ballerina Tutu

My little girl LOVES her ballerina tutu shirt. This shirt can be done with all kinds of fabric combinations.

This child's shirt (your choice of size and color) sells for $18.

Monkeying Around

Does your little monkey need a monkey suit? I have two little monkeys here that are perfect.

The "Happy Monkey" is sure to make your little one go bananas! I did this one for a girl so I used pink for the mouth and cheeks, but a red mouth and cheeks looks great for a boy.

The "Monkeying Around" design is better suited for burp cloths because it is a filled stitch design (the design is made from all thread). It can be done with or without the text.

Order a child's shirt for $20. Burps cloth is $10 for a plain burp cloth and $12 for a burp cloth with fabric.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daddy's Tie

This is one of my favorite AND one of my most popular designs! I LOVE this little tie! It looks great on T-shirts and onesies! I have lots of this argyle fabric (which I have to say is so stinkin cute with this design), but I also have some stripes.
Onesie- $10
Child's T-shirt- $18

My Big RED Tractor

I love this little tractor and it can be done with lots of fabric choices to make it unique! My friend Mindy chose this bandana fabric which I think it pretty cute! The custom-made tractor shirt (your choice of shirt color and size) is $20.